Think Deeply

Global Campaign

With Deep Sea Mining yet another threat to our precarious ocean, Playing Field were asked by WWF to develop a campaign that informs audiences of the dangers of mining our ocean seabed for materials.

Think Deeply – A statement which calls on the world to consider our rare opportunity to stop an environmental disaster before it begins. Think Deeply also asks those in positions of power to be cautious about the potential new wild frontier that could be opened up from mining.

Our campaign hero film features the acclaimed poet and musician Joshua Idehen musing on our deep connection to the ocean and that our commitment should be to protect the depths.

The Hero Film

25 million + views

An overwhelming emotional response and engagement, with global audiences evidently impacted by the film’s message.

Deep Voices Film

The campaign continued with a film meeting those with an immediate relationship with the ocean, marine biologist and underwater filmmaker Inka Cresswell and WWF Fiji’s Alfred Ralifo, who speak on the dangers of this industry – and why it’s crucial we all work together to halt this disaster before it starts.

The Campaign Title

Among the many facets to the project was the campaign title and design of the word mark. This is where our process began, examining and understanding WWF’s strategic approach as an organisation calling for pause, for more research and ultimately more compassion around the subject.

Join us on the Playing Field. Join us on the Playing Field. Join us on the Playing Field. Join us on the Playing Field. Join us on the Playing Field. Join us on the Playing Field.

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