Brand Campaign – 2022

WWF approached Playing Field to help them bring their values to life for every WWF employee. They wanted the values to sit at the organisation’s heart and be recognised as the foundation upon which everything is built.

Practically speaking, this means that WWF staff knew what the four values were, understood what they looked like in action and committed to demonstrating each of them daily.


To achieve this, we worked with the Values Embedding Working Group to run two concurrent work streams. The first focused on strategy and employee engagement. We ran an inclusive process whereby a diverse range of WWF employees participated in a series of workshops to develop the values and, importantly, start to make them actionable by assigning behaviours to them.


The second work area was communicating the values internally through a new visual and verbal identity. We created the name ‘One WWF’ to lead the internal engagement campaign and created a set of symbols to represent the values. The identity was rolled out across a series of touchpoints, including a dedicated website and a poster series featuring members of the WWF team.