Client Earth
Client Everyone

Brand Campaign – 2022

A brand campaign for one of the most ambitious environmental organisations in the world. ClientEarth use the power of the law to protect our planet on behalf of all of us. You, Me, Everyone, Everything.

Our creative approach was to show how our individual voices can be combined to form one loud, powerful voice through ClientEarth – representing everyone and everything on our planet.


A suite of creative campaign assets published across ClientEarth’s channels as well as a host of high esteemed partners’, including: Coldplay, Patagonia and Water Bear.

Thank you

The ClientEveryone campaign extended to a ‘Thank-You Coldplay’ film dedicated to the band’s ongoing support to ClientEarth. The film release coincided with the ‘Music Of The Spheres’ world tour which focused on the band’s dedication to touring sustainability and with a low-carbon impact.